001. I live in Germany

002. I´m 37 y. o.

003. But I dont´ feel that I´m 37 y. o.

004. Maybe I´m in my late twenties

005. I´m married

006. to Michael (and yes of course - he is the best husband in the world)

007. I love to knit

008. but I´m not good in knitting sweaters

009. I like to knit socks

010. we live in Worms/Rheinland-Pfalz/Germany

011. I don´t like coffee, but I drink coffee

012. I love to drink tea (black tea, green tea and herb teas)

013. I hate fruit teas

015. I like to travel

016. sometimes I´m shy - o.k. most times

017. I like spring, fall and winter

018. I don´t like summer

019. I could life in Alaska - I like the cold and the snow

020. I was never in Alaska - but I would :-)

021. I can typewrite very fast

022. I love audiobooks

023. most I like audiobooks about "Paul Temple"

024. I collect audiobooks about "Paul Temple"

025. Paul Temple is written from Francis Durbridge

026. I don´t like to pay big amounts for patterns

027. and I don´t like to pay big amounts for yarn

028. I love Jane Austen

029. I love Pride & Prejudice

030. I´m bad at mathematics

031. but I like John Forbes Nash

032. he got a noble price

033. also he is schizophren

034. he likes green as I do

035. we live in relation to the tax office

036. when I stand at my windows I can look at there desks

037. looking at the tax office makes me depressive

038. the workers in the tax office are like work bees

39. on the weekends when they forget to switch off the lights I put a note in there mail box - for me it is a joke - they take it apparently seriously (I hope so :-)